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  Funky Seagull Video Workshops

You've always wanted to play.
We're here to help you make that happen.

Featuring state of the art video technology and a team of the finest instructors, Funkyseagull gives you the tools to start playing today.

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These unique workshops are available in our groundbreaking CD ROM video format which can be enjoyed on virtually any computer anywhere in the world.

Using a Funkyseagull CD ROM couldn't be easier. Simply load the disc and access your CD ROM drive. It's that simple! Everything you need to get started, from text to the Real Player installer, is on the CD. You don't need to be a computer expert to start learning with Funkyseagull video music workshops.

There are lots of new and exciting titles on the way. In the months to come look for workshops on hammer dulcimer, mountain dulcimer, tenor banjo, songwriting, advanced bluegrass banjo, advanced old time banjo, flatpicking speed exercises, bass, mandolin, fiddle and much, much more! is committed to providing topnotch instruction, outstanding quality and the best value to our customers. You can
order online with confidence using our secure server or by mail, phone or fax.

So what are you waiting for? Get that instrument out of the closet and order your lesson today!

Acoustic Guitar Primer
With Richard Drueding

If you have always wanted to play the guitar but never knew where to begin this is the video for you. Richard Drueding walks you through the basic steps of learning the guitar from chord strumming to Travis style fingerpicking in a relaxed, user
friendly manner

Topics Covered:
Tuning, picking styles, major chords, seventh chords, minor chords, arpeggios,Travis picking and more!

2 hours of digital video
only $15.95




Flatpick Guitar
with Mark Cosgrove

Learn the art of flatpick guitar with a Winfield Winning master guitarist. Mark teaches the basic concepts of flatpicking in a friendly front porch manner.

Topics Covered:
Rhythm playing, scales, Major 7 arpeggio, scale weaves, crosspicking, "cool floating stuff" and more! . A great resource for the beginner or intermediate flatpicker!

2 1/2 hours of digital video
only $15.95!




Fingerstyle Guitar
with Rolly Brown

Winfield Winning guitar wizard Rolly Brown shares the basics of fingerstyle guitar and a whole lot more. His patient and mentoring style makes learning easy and fun. Great instruction from a true master

Topics Covered:
Alternating bass fingerpicking, scales with alternate bass, picking patterns, writing instrumentals, Texas blues, writing instrumentals and more!

2 hours of digital video
only $15.95





Bluegrass Banjo
with Billy Lee Cox

Former National Banjo Champion Billy Lee Cox teaches the basic skills needed to play in the bluegrass style. An outstanding musician, Billy Lee is the leader of the bluegrass band
The Mason-Dixon Grass
. Look for his intermediate and advanced lessons soon.

Topics Covered:
Holding your banjo, fingerpicks, basic rolls,
basic chords, moveable chords, changing chords while fingerpicking and more! Includes TAB for all of the
exercises and tunes covered in the video!
A wonderful introduction to the five string banjo!

2 hours of digital video
only $15.95



Hoe-down Fiddle
with Bill Cunningham

Anyone with basic fiddling skills will benefit from this intensive workshop. Bill Cunningham covers everything from the bowing stroke to left hand techniques needed to master solo-style old time fiddle. As an added bonus Bill has included an extensive amount of written material to help you get that old time sound!

Topics Covered:
Eighth note bowing, Drone Strings,
Added Notes and more!

1 1/2 hours of digital video
only $15.95