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Studio Quality Direct Box with Tunable EQ
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The Para Acoustic D.I. is a studio quality direct box combined with a feature packed, state-of-the-art preamp and equalizer. Our proprietary Quasi-Passive EQ™ circuitry is totally transparent and allows control over voicing without sacrificing tone - a big advance over conventional equalizers. It brings out the best in any pickup and will make you sound better. The Para Acoustic D.I. is quickly becoming a key component in the acoustic setups of both professional and amateur musicians alike. (List: $229)


PRICE:         $189.00


bulletDiscrete Pure Class A Fet Input - for pure audiophile sound and very low noise.
bulletProprietary Quasi-Passive EQ™ - unlike most equalizers, the Para Acoustic D.I. does not pass the signal through any active stages to achieve the EQ function. This allows control of voicing without sacrificing tonal purity.
bullet5 Band EQ Including:
– Sweepable Mid EQ with 2 octave range for the crucial midrange frequencies.
– Precision Notch Filter eliminates feedback without destroying the
sound quality.
– Presence Control adds sparkle to a dull PA or removes the glare from a bright PA.
– Low Band EQ tuned to best enhance the acoustic guitar.
– High Band EQ adds "frosting" & "air" without adding harshness.
bulletAdjustable Gain - up to 24 dB, allows the best performance and lowest noise with a variety of input sources, including low output pickups.
bulletRuns on 48V Phantom Power or 9V battery - the Intelligent Power Circuit™ works in the background to monitor phantom power status and turns the internal battery unobtrusively on or off as needed.
bulletPhase Inversion -  for feedback control and optimum recording mix.
bulletXLR Balanced Output
bulletUltra-High input impedance - delivers the full potential of any pickup.
bulletSeries Effects Loop - is essentially an insert point that allows you to use a stereo Y-Cable to inject effects through this point.
bulletExternal Battery Compartment -  access allows quick and easy battery changes.
bulletLow Cut Filter - eliminates thumps and pumping.
bulletBattery Status LED - stays on when unit is on and flashes when the battery is low.
bulletPhantom Power Indicator - alerts you to phantom power status with a green LED.
bulletHigh Current Buffered Output - drives long cables into difficult, low impedance loads without fidelity loss.
bulletRoadworthy - a steel box, heavy double sided glass epoxy PC board with through plated holes, highest quality components and 100% QC testing ensure years of trouble free service.
bulletLow Current Consumption - 2.9 mA, provides 200+ hours of play time on a single 9V battery.
bulletMade In The USA - by tone fanatics!
bullet1 Year Warranty.



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The Gigpro is a single-channel belt clip preamp that will work with most pickups.  It also provides 9V phantom power for mini-mics and other phantom powered onboard electronics.  We have pared the features down to the bare essentials but you will find everything you need to get the best sound possible from your pickup.  The EQ, for example, has only two bands plus a variable low cut but you will be amazed at how flexible and intuitive it is to use.

The circuitry is generally modeled after the ever-popular Para Acoustic D.I. but we have made several key innovations.   First, the circuitry is 100% Class A and discrete from input to output.   Secondly, we have designed the circuitry in a way that makes the sound of the preamp almost tube like.  Third, the EQ is entirely passive.  Fourth, we have used only the highest grade audiophile components. When you add it up, the Gigpro is the best sounding, easiest to use, most effective and quietest preamp that we have ever created.  Big things do come in small packages. (List: $139)


"From the first chords played through the Gigpro, there was a collective gasp from the room.  Anything, including electric guitars and the X-Bridge sounds amazing through the Gigpro."   -Dan Altilio,  Top Gear Pro Shop

PRICE:         $99.00


Gigpro Features:

Adjustable Gain (up to 33dB) allows the best performance and lowest noise with a variety of  input sources, including low output pickups.
2 Band EQ Including:
Treble used to add or subtract the Highest frequencies or "presence".
Bass used to add or subtract the Lower frequencies, add "warmth" or To cut feedback
Trim Control is a moveable 12dB/Octave low cut filter that is adjustable from 27Hz to 200Hz.
Low Current Consumption provides  300+ hours of play time on a single  9V battery..
  Phantom Power is available for use with most mini-microphones.
100% Discrete all Class A Circuitry.
Phase Inversion for feedback control And optimum recording mix.
" Input and Output Jacks
Battery Status LED remains on at all times when the unit is plugged in.  As the battery weakens the LED dims.
Super Quiet!  -90dB Signal-to-Noise Ratio
Made in the USA by Tone Fanatics!
1 Year Warranty




Universal Belt Clip Mixer!

Baggsmixpro1.jpg (46006 bytes)Leave your rack at home.  The Mixpro is a dual input belt clip preamp/mixer that will allow you to perfectly combine two of just about any sort of pickup or mini-mic. It places every essential control you need right at your fingertips eliminating the need to butcher a prize guitar for on-board electronics – or to carry around a heavy, clunky rack. The Mixpro provides "phantom" power to both channels and, when it is used with the Buffer Jack accessory, you can say goodbye to batteries on your guitar!

Under the hood you will find the great sounding innovative circuitry that you've come to expect from LR Baggs. First, just like the best mic preamps available, the circuitry is 100% Class A and discrete from input to output. Secondly, you will find every control you need to easily tune each pickup to perfectly compliment the other. Then, for the ultimate sweetness, the combined signal is routed then through an entirely passive EQ.

We think that you will find that the Mixpro is so easy to use and sounds so good that you'll wonder how you ever got along without it. (List price: $229)

PRICE:         $169.00


Mixpro Features:

2 Band Interactive EQ – The variations possible with the Bass and Treble Controls will easily give you most popular curves.
Passive EQ on Mix.  EQ section contains NO Active circuitry to degrade the sound or add noise.
Variable Low Cut on Mix – The  12 dB/Oct. Low Cut Filter is tunable from 27-225 HZ and is a powerful tool for taming wild pickups or sound systems.
" Stereo In – "Mono Mix Out
100% Discrete all Class A Circuitry
Hand Selected FET Transistors
Audiophile WIMA Capacitors used extensively
Super Quiet
Long Battery Life
Mix Phase  Inversion  - Fingertip Access helps  Control Feedback
Identical Input Stages – both inputs will work with passive or active pickups and mini- mics giving you the choice
Variable Gain for Both Tip and Ring Channel – Large range of adjustment matches most pickups and mics.
9V "Phantom" for Both Tip and Ring Channel – Switchable power is available to run mics and phantom powerable pickups on either channel eliminating batteries on the guitar *.
Variable Dual-Range Low Cut (25-2000 hz) for Ring Channel – A feedback prone mic or body pickup will likely be the second pickup. The variable low cut will easily tame the most unruly low end before the Mix or EQ.
Relative Phase Switch – for the optimum blend between two sources.
Made in the USA by Tone Fanatics
1 Year Warranty
ON/Battery Status LED – stays on while plugged in and dims as the battery weakens.



IBeam Active Preamp

For guitars that already have a passive iBeam pickup installed. Component includes preamp with integral endpin jack. Professional retrofit installation highly recommended.
List price....$89.00

PRICE:         $64.00




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 April 08, 2011

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