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M1   Soundhole Magnetic Pickup

PRICE:         $138.50                                    + FREE US SHIPPING




M1 Body-Sensitive Soundhole Magnetic Pickup

The M1™ is a passive soundhole magnetic pickup that features outstanding body sensitivity with great warmth and presence. Its dual-coil design employs L.R. Baggs' exclusive TriAxial Dynamic Technology to produce clear, rich tones that are resistant to feedback, noise and hum, with string and body sound all in one.

The M1 redefines what is possible from a soundhole pickup and eliminates the tradeoff between ease and performance. It's never been easier to get superior live sound!



M1 Active Lithium Battery

PRICE:         $169.00                                + FREE US SHIPPING


      M1 ACTIVE  Pickup
The M1™  Active takes the M1 pickup to a new level of performance and convenience. The built-in all class A electronics eliminate the need for any external preamps and makes the M1 Active compatible with any outboard equipment. And the new volume control gives you fingertip access in any performing situation.

Other features include:

bulletIt includes all class A electronics and features long battery life and a top-mounted volume control wheel
bulletQuiet, hum-free operation under the most challenging live conditions
bulletHigh feedback resistance
bulletAdjustable pole pieces with smooth threadless tops preserve fingerstylists' nails
bulletBuilt-in gold-plated 1/8"; jack makes moving or removing the pickup a snap


iBEAM   Pickups

The patent pending iBeam itself is the heart of the system and weighs only 1/3rd of an ounce.  This revolutionary bridge plate transducer easily sticks to the bridge plate on the inside of the guitar and does not affect the acoustic tone of the guitar in any way.  The iBeam is microphonic enough to hear the rich (but correct) texture of finger squeak and top tapping, but is resistant to feedback and gives you excellent amplified sound without a hint of piezo quack.  Included with each iBeam is a placement jig that allows you to install the pickup in minutes and get the ideal placement for the transducer inside the guitar.

iBeam Active System
Active Bridge Plate Transducer System

The iBeam Active System combines a patent pending bridge plate transducer with an all-discrete class "A" endpin preamp that enables you to simply "plug-in-and-play".  The user installable iBeam reproduces the natural tone of an acoustic guitar while maintaining perfect string balance and providing full dynamic range. 

Active version includes pickup & strapjack preamp

PRICE:         $139.00    (Active Version) + FREE SHIPPING


The iBeam preamp is made up of class A discrete circuitry and built on the Stereo strapjack Plus.  Pre-tuned to deliver that great LR Baggs performance from the iBeam in any situation, it is ultra-quiet and faithfully amplifies the sound and dynamics of the iBeam.  There is even a second passive channel available if you would like to add a magnetic or undersaddle pickup to compliment the ibeam

Ribbon Transducer

Undersaddle Pickup for Acoustic Guitar

Ribbon Transducer -- includes Endpin  Strapjack (not shown)

PRICE:         $90.00 + FREE US SHIPPING

specify 0.090" or .120" width


Once in a great while a product comes along that redefines our expectations. The Ribbon Transducer is such a product. Its sound is so pure and open that you will have a hard time believing that it is not a microphone.

The key feature that separates the RT from other pickups is that its sensor is responsive to vibration but not to pressure. This virtually eliminates that unpleasant, dry stringy sound that is characteristic of pressure sensitive pickups. As the guitar top moves with the vibrations of the strings, so does the RT sensor, effortlessly reflecting the actual sound and dynamics of your instrument.

The vibration sensor runs the full length of the saddle and the RT will work with any string spacing. There are no dead spots, and frustrating balance problems are a thing of the past. The RT is only .035" thick, and installation is a snap.
The Ribbon Transducer may be plugged directly into many musical instrument amplifiers, effects and outboard preamps. We have also developed an entire family of onboard and outboard preamps that interface perfectly with the RT and that are guaranteed to bring out its finest qualities.
bulletAmazing Fidelity
bulletHigh Feedback Resistance - for stress-free high sound pressure levels on stage.
bulletEven String to String Balance - that does not change with the weather.
bulletOne Size Fits All - common string spacings. Available in .090" and .120" widths.
bulletEasy Installation
bulletHigh Reliability - this pickup is tough.
bulletAcoustic Fidelity - the RT will not alter the un-amplified acoustic sound of your guitar.
bulletLow Cost and High Value - our Ribbon Transducer - systems offer unparalleled, state of the art performance at an affordable price.

LB6 Series

Acoustic, Trouble-Free and Loud

LB6 Series

PRICE:         $89.00    + FREE SHIPPING

  (LB6 steel string, classical & 12-string)

click on order for choices:


The LB6 Acoustic Guitar Pickup (LB12 for 12-string guitars) is still the favorite acoustic guitar pickup of many top pros. Artists like Thom Bresh, Ben Harper, Janis Ian, Eric Johnson, Earl Klugh, Lenny Kravitz, Kathy Mattea and James Taylor trust the LB6 to convey their music to audiences around the world.

There are three key features that are unique to the LB6. First, the pickup itself is a saddle that has six individual sensors, one per string, cast right into it. Because the sensors are an integral part of the connection between the strings and guitar body, maximum sensitivity and signal transfer is guaranteed. Second, the sensors themselves are responsive to vibration as well as to pressure. This blends the natural warmth of the body vibrations with the presence and attack of the strings.

Third, the LB6 contains an exclusive feedback inhibiting circuit. It is the most feedback resistant, non-magnetic acoustic guitar pickup available. If you play acoustic guitar loud but still want it to sound acoustic, you owe it to yourself to check out the LB6.

The saddle materials are chosen to conduct sound like the original saddle. It will not alter the acoustic tone of the guitar perceptibly nor will it change its look. It can be shaped, sanded and intonated just like the original saddle. The pickup has a high output and may be plugged directly into most guitar amps or effects. It is 100% shielded and it is whisper quiet. Each pickup is individually hand built with pride to insure the highest level of performance and reliability.

bulletTrue Acoustic Sound - with presence
and warmth at high volume levels.
bulletGreat Feedback Resistance - for
stress-free high sound pressure levels
on stage.
bulletNo Preamp Necessary - the LB6 can
be plugged directly into most amps and
bulletEven String to String Balance
bulletSizes Available - for most common
string spacings.
bulletHigh Reliability - this tried-and-true
pickup is tough.
bulletAcoustic Fidelity - the LB6 will not
alter the un-amplified acoustic sound of
your guitar.
bullet100% QC Tested - each LB6 pickup is
performance tested in a guitar fixture
before it is shipped.
bulletFive Year Warranty


Violin Pickup

The Pro’s Choice

(Viola Bridge Pickups are also available - see below)

Violin Pickup

Violin Pickup: non-terminated depictedBaggsviolin_installd_color.jpg (17591 bytes)

The LR Baggs Violin Pickup has set the standard since its inception over a decade ago. Top pros like Darol Anger, Michael Doucet, Alison Krauss, Laurie Lewis, Mark O'Connor and Jean-Luc Ponty rely on the LR Baggs Violin Pickup to convey their music to audiences around the world.

PRICE:         $128.95   (with Carpenter Jack)


(includes free shipping)

  (non-terminated)  $97.00  (without Carpenter Jack)


"I outfitted each of the top brands of violin pickups onto my favorite violin and recorded the same tune on different tracks of my 24 track tape recorder. The L.R. Baggs was simply the best."
                                Mark O'Connor


carpenter_jack_2.jpeg (21783 bytes)carpenter_jack_1.jpeg (22552 bytes) Bridge mounted with Carpenter Jack attached (terminated)



Photo of Carpenter Jack

The LR Baggs Violin Pickup is a miniature vibration transducer cast directly into an Aubert #7 Mirecourt maple bridge for maximum sensitivity and signal transfer. As an integral part of the bridge, it effortlessly captures the instrument's inherent dynamics. Furthermore, it's selective admittance pattern is aligned so that the signal is generated as the bridge moves in a left-right motion (in response to the string vibrations). The transducer also rejects any impulse directed to the plane of the bridge, minimizing annoying finger squeaks, body noise and feedback.

Our violin pickup features a miniature vibration transducer cast right into the bridge. The transducer is designed to accept the tone-rich left/right movement of the bridge, reject feedback, eliminate scratchy nasal sounds, and trace the natural sound of the instrument. The L.R. Baggs Violin Pickup has set the standard since its inception over a decade ago, and it is the top choice of more top pros -- including Alison Krauss, Michael Doucet, Darol Anger, Jean-Luc Ponty -- than any other pickup.

"I've been using a Baggs pickup recently and can't believe how nice it sounds. I've had people come up to me after shows wondering how I mike my fiddle. That's encouraging because they don't even know I'm using a pickup."
                                                         Alison Krauss

bulletReach Out and Touch It - amplified fidelity that brings out the true character of your violin.
bulletStudio Quality Recording Sound - the
LR Baggs violin pickup makes it easy to get pro recordings.
bulletHigh Feedback Resistance - for stress-free high sound pressure levels on stage.
bulletEven String to String Balance - that does not change with the weather.
bulletNo Preamp Required - it can be plugged directly into most combo amps with great results.
bulletLow Cost and High Value - the LR Baggs violin pickup offers great performance at an affordable price.
bulletOne Year Warranty

Viola Pickup

The viola pickup is similar to the violin pickup except that it is incorporated as an intregal part of a viola bridge. The LR Baggs Viola Pickup is built into a premium quality bridge. Its performance will be consistent and it will not harm the tone of your instrument. The size refers to the width of the bridge feet with 48mm being the most common, the other slightly smaller size being 46mm. (list price $269)

  48 mm bridge:  $189        ORDER  + FREE SHIPPING


 46 mm bridge:  $189       ORDER + FREE SHIPPING


Banjo & Mandolin Pickupssss

                   Banjo and Mandolin Bridge Style pickups similar to the Violin  below, are available by   Special Order, please contact us if you are interested.


Acoustic Sounds For Your Strat®


Baggs_xbridge1_c.jpg (17962 bytes)

Imagine one guitar that is perfect for blues or rock and roll, has the ultimate clean sound, is great for jazz and has a great acoustic sound without feedback. Sounds like an expensive dream, but chances are that you already own this guitar. It's your beloved Strat®. And all that it has been waiting for to unleash this hidden potential is the new vibrato bridge pickup, the X-Bridge from LR Baggs.

PRICE:                     + FREE SHIPPING

U.S. Standard Model Chrome $118.30


U.S. Standard Model Gold $128.30


Vintage Model Chrome $115.00


Vintage Gold   -------- discontinued

Includes: All mounting Hardware, Volume Pot, Prewired Stereo Jack


When Baggs decided to apply their fifteen years of transducer design experience to amplifying the electric guitar, they were faced with the task of first choosing a guitar and then a bridge. The Strat was a pretty obvious choice. But when they interviewed guitar makers about bridges, they found that there was no existing bridge that had the qualities that they were looking for. So they designed our own. By starting with a white sheet of paper, they did not have to shoehorn our pickups into an off-the-shelf bridge. They could then design the bridge and pickups as an integrated system without compromise. The product of our research, the X-Bridge is beautiful, responsive and dynamic, and has a jaw dropping sound that will redefine what a Strat can do.

"With the X-Bridge, my guitar comes alive with natural high end -Truly incredible! The instrument is reborn!"-DannyHeines           

"The X-Bridge sounds so good, I don't take acoustics on the road anymore. I wish you guys could see the look on the sound man's face when I flip from electric to acoustic using your CTRL-X™ and X-Bridge. It's a look of amazement."
                              -Dave Graef


bulletDrop-In Replacement - for American Standard Strat with E to E string spacing of 2 1/16".
bulletDrop Dead Sound - special piezo crystal is used with unique construction combining two deflection modes for smooth, shimmering highs and rich lows.
bulletPassive Operation - output level from the X-Bridge is comparable to that of the stock Strat and can be plugged directly into most guitar amps with fine results.
bulletThe Right Materials - powdered stainless string inserts in die-cast zinc saddles, hardened steel plate and heavy zinc sustain block, all add up to a great sounding bridge, pickup or not.
bulletUnobtrusive - the X-Bridge was designed to visually complement and be harmonious with the look of the Strat.
bulletDelrin Arm Bushing - for silky smooth user-adjustable vibrato arm tension and clunk free operation.
bulletGreat Manners - for carefree handling with extremely low body and mechanical noise.
bulletNo Recessed Wires - pickup wires terminate ultra-cleanly into a PC board, recessed into the base plate, to protect wires and to allow the bridge to be flush mounted on the guitar.
bulletBulletproof - pickups are cast into a hard stainless steel casing with aerospace epoxy for trouble-free operation.
bulletPop In Pickups - string inserts that contain the pickup nest firmly in the saddle. They can be easily replaced.
bullet100% Tested - quality and durability tested for years of use.
bullet1 Year Warranty
Go to: X-Bridge Review in Gitarre & Bass Magazine Oct. 97



Acoustic Tune-O-Matic Bridge

That great Baggs acoustic tone is also available in a beautiful Tune-O-Matic style bridge. Each saddle contains a miniature high-output pickup. These six pickups can either be combined or can be used discretely for a hexaphonic output. It also works with the Ctrl-X for acoustic or electric sounds at the flip of a switch! Available in silver, gold or black base.



TB-CH Chrome $146.99


TB-GD Gold $161.96


TB-BK Black $161.96





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