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Mills microphones are a well-kept secret among professional acoustic musicians.   These microphones are produced in Nashville, TN and are used by a number of country, bluegrass and folk recording artists.  As Joe Mills says,  these mics are "ear tested and picker approved".     Mills mics are  unusually high quality , internal mount electret condenser microphones which can be used alone or in combination (stereo hookup) with other kinds of transducer style pickups. 

Key Features

bulletlow impedance electret condenser microphones
bulletSize is approximately 0.250 x 0.125 x 0.625 inches          (it's small folks)
bulletcan be run from an internal or external power source (6-15 vdc)
bulletComes with a mounting clip and extension arm for attaching to internal instrument bracing
bulletInstructions including for optional installation of an internal 9v power supply (professional installation suggested)

NOTE:  Mills microphones are shipped as a "bare bones" system.   That is, it comes packaged with the microphone and an adjustable clip. The 1/4" jack required for complete installation is sold separately*.  This is an electret condenser microphone, a power source is not included and must be installed internally or supplied from an outside source (e.g., 6-15 volts from a Fishman blender, Rane or Pendulum pre-amp, etc.) OR by using the Phantom Power interface described below, if you are connecting to a mixing or PA board or microphone pre-amp with phantom power.  We can provide an external 9v power supply interface box to custom fit your needs (see below)***.

Professional installation is advised.   If you have further questions please contact us by email. Please contact us for information about violin mounting.

Pricing NOTE: MILLS MICROPHONES ARE CURRENTLY UNAVAILABLE- no orders are being accepted. Sorry for the inconvenience

Model Description Price
CustomVersion* (JML-cv)JMcatop2.JPG (547985 bytes) for permanent instrument installation on guitars. Removable (with Carpenter jack) on Violins/Fiddles** $179.95 ORDER
StudioVersion       (JML-sv) for use with mixing consoles that provide 48vdc phantom power $230 ORDER
Phantom  Power Interface   (JML-pi) Option for the Custom version to allow interfacing with mixing board providing 48vdc phantom power $95 ORDER
*  Stereo  "  endpin           jack


Strap hole endpin (with strap attachment) needed for installing the Mill's Custom Version mic if no existing jack is present. Professional installation is suggested, since the strap button hole must be enlarged to ". $12 ORDER
***9v External Power Supply Box


External Power supply box which holds a 9v battery (not included) and 1/4" input jack which supplies 9v to the microphone as well as a 1/4" unbalanced output female jack. $50 ORDER
**Carpenter jack -             Violin

(JML-cjv)carpenter_jack_1.jpeg (22552 bytes)

Mounting jack for violin/fiddle setup (named after the inventor).  A  1/4" female jack mounted in a small housing which attaches to the instrument next to the chin rest. Removable. $28.95 ORDER

Carpenter jack -          Mandolin or Viola


Same as above except wider adjustable clamp suitable for mandolin or viola attachment $29.50 ORDER