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At the present time we offer the following complete lines of microphone and pickup systems for acoustic stringed instruments.   These include condenser type of microphones (GHS Soundhole mics) as well as microphone/pickup combination systems (L.R. Baggs, B-Band Systems), and pickups alone (McIntyre pickups, L.R. Baggs).

L.R. Baggs Pickups and Systems

The pickup is the source and foundation of any amplification system. Get it right   and good results will follow easily. To that end, all LR Baggs pickups and Preamps are engineered to faithfully amplify the instrument and to deliver great results with no hassle. LR Baggs offers individual pickups , combination systems including undersaddle, soundboard and microphone as well as a variety of preamplification and feedback supressing devices to suit every acoustic players needs. Pickups for guitar, and violin family instruments are particularly recommended.

McIntyre Pickups
McIntyre Acoustic Instrument Pickups are made in North Carolina.  Carl McIntyre  designs and builds a unique line of contact piezo transducer pickups which have gained widespread recognition and usage among bluegrass, folk and traditional acoustic musicians, professional as well as amateur.    These are excellent, economical pickups which can be used alone or in combination (stereo hookup) with internal microphones such as Mini-Flex or Mills mics.  They work well on all instruments but are especially recommended for guitar, resonator guitars, banjo, mandolin and fiddle.
B-Band Pickup Products
The B-Band AG pickup for acoustic guitar and  are totally different from the other state-of-the-art pickups on the market. Based on EMF Acoustics exclusive EMFi electret film, they are the first condenser under-saddle  and bridge-mount pickups  on earth!  The B-Band features absolute acoustic sound, ample gain before feedback, great dynamics and high definition.   These pickups and systems are recommended for guitar as well as instruments with soundboard installation capability.
GHS Soundhole Mics
All GHS SOUNDHOLE  mics use high quality condenser microphones mounted onto a patented shock resistant gooseneck. This important feature protects the microphone from vibrational distortion and allows exact  positioning for optimal performance.  A number of models are offered based on several kinds of options.  These include the type of condenser microphone, mono versus stereo hookup (for use with other pickups), and several choices of mounting or attachment methods, both internal and external mounts.   For unusual instruments or special needs custom microphones and mountings also are  available.
Lace Music Pickups
Lace Music Products is proud of its history and achievements. They offer a huge array of designs and technology for the demanding player. All of their pickup designs and patents are passive, and take a different approach to design. Different to be better.

Lace prides themselves as one of the true innovative companies in pickup design that looks forward, rather than backward.  

With numerous patents through chief designer Jeff Lace we offer designs and solution for every player.



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