McIntyre HT-02 Harp Pickup

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Disc transducer for the Harp. It is an external mount and comes pre-soldered and ready to stick on the instrument with provided putty. FREE SHIPPING!

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Soundhole Microphone Pickups by GHS
soundhole microphones

Soundhole Microphone Pickups by GHS

External mount only

Soundhole microphones suspend a gooseneck mounted mic inside the instrument, and provide the most accurate and realistic sound reproduction of any on-board amplification device or pickup. Models are available for guitar,  and other instruments (inquire by contacting us via email).   The gooseneck permits positioning the mic in a variety of locations inside the instrument for the best possible sound.

Key Features


low impedance  condenser microphones for reproducing true acoustic character of stringed instruments (High quality low impedance (10,000 ohm) output signal. Frequency response of 100-15000 Hz)


Patented gooseneck design to allow for flexible microphone placement and proper shock mounting


Comes standard with internal battery and power supply located on the microphone assembly.  

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