MiniFlex2Mic Soundhole Microphones

The MiniFlex Model 2 is a externally mounted high quality, low feedback, dual microphone system. Attachment is simple and requires  no modification of the guitar.  FREE SHIPPING!
The MiniFlex Model 4 is an internally mounted high quality, low feedback, dual microphone system. It is designed to be internally wired with an additional piezo or magnetic pickup as an option. See description for details. FREE SHIPPING within continental United States



Soundhole microphones suspend a gooseneck mounted mic inside the instrument, and provide the most accurate and realistic sound reproduction of any on-board amplification device or pickup. Models are available for guitar,  and other instruments (inquire by contacting us via email).   The gooseneck permits positioning the mic in a variety of locations inside the instrument for the best possible sound.

The MiniFlex Model 1 is the product of 30 years of research and development from Ken Donnell - one of the pioneers in acoustic instrument sound reproduction.

"The 2Mic design attempts, as much as possible within the confines of a guitar body, to reproduce a three-dimensional sound", Ken states. "The first two dimensions are created by each individual mic (being mechanically out of phase to each other), and the third dimension is created by how the 2Mic design electronically processes these two signals."

The Model 1 mounts using the endpin hole. Model 2 is a quick-mount version of the 2Mic. We offer 4 systems of both endpin and quick mount designs. Model 4 can be used in addition to an existing pick up system by connecting internally to a piezo or magnetic pickup and sending both signals to the single endpin jack of the MiniFlex.

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