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The B-Band AG pickup for acoustic guitar and  are totally different from the other state-of-the-art pickups on the market. Based on EMF Acoustics exclusive EMFi electret film, they are the first condenser under-saddle  and bridge-mount pickups  on earth!  The B-Band features absolute acoustic sound, ample gain before feedback, great dynamics and high definition.   These pickups and systems are recommended for guitar as well as instruments with soundboard installation capability. 

Several types of pickup systems are also available for the Ukulele.


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B-BAND A2.2 Active Dual sensor system

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FREE SHIPPING! The B-Band A2.2-29R-1470 is a stereo, two-pickup system with preamp and mixer. It includes:• The 29R Under-Saddle Transducer (UST):• The 1470 Acoustic Soundboard Transducer (AST) pickup;• The A2.2 Stereo Endpin Preamp and a soundhole-mount volume control.  ORIGINALLY -  $ 189.00

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