McIntyre HT-02 Harp Pickup

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Disc transducer for the Harp. It is an external mount and comes pre-soldered and ready to stick on the instrument with provided putty. FREE SHIPPING!

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the MiniFlex system, a combination of two condenser microphones positioned inside the guitar, one underneath the saddle and the second one in the sound hole. They pretty much work like any high end condenser microphones, except that they are less sensitive to feedback and cannot be out of phase with one another

Many guitarists find that microphones - external or internal - offer the most natural sounding way to amplify their acoustic guitars, but the potential for feedback often limits their use in performance situations. Ken Donnell, MiniFlex Microphones' founder, has been perfecting his internal-microphone designs for more than 20 years -  his latest design, appropriately named the "2Mic," is intended to both reduce feedback and improve sound quality. The two-microphone 2Mic system is currently available in three different models. Model 1 is meant for any guitar with an endpin jack, Model 2 installs without modification in any guitar with a soundhole, while Model 4  gives the user the option to add another acoustic pickup, piezo or magnetic, alongside the 2mic without having to drill a second output jack.

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Brand: MiniFLex Mic

MiniFlex2Mic Soundhole Microphone - model 7

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The MiniFlex Model 7 is an internally mounted PHANTOM POWERED high quality, low feedback, dual microphone system. The Model 7 is an end-pin mounted 2mic that is designed for studio applications, or for professionals using a high quality PA system having good EQ controls. FREE SHIPPING!

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