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ACOUSTIC CONNECTIONS offers high quality options for choosing   equipment used in the amplification of acoustic instruments.  While our focus is to provide information and choices for acoustic stringed instruments at reasonable prices, many of the microphones and pickup systems we offer can be used for a variety of other instruments.  These devices are professional quality systems which are designed to satisfy the needs of performing musicians under a variety of venues and circumstances.  

Because no one type of acoustic amplification system is suitable for all performers, instruments and situations, we offer a number of different selections from which to choose.  All of the items offered are of the highest quality and are used by professional musicians.   Furthermore we try to provide specific information about each of the items we sell, as well as background information and offer links to related websites to help you decide which system most suits your own needs.

We focus on providing high quality products as well making available some of the  newer, unique sound transduction systems that have appeared on the market in recent years.   We offer highly competitive prices on all equipment and provide choices suitable for any budget.

ACOUSTIC CONNECTIONS is continually in the process of adding new products from additional manufacturers as well as new lines from our current suppliers.  We encourage visitors to visit our site regularly in order to find out about any recent additions as well as any Specials being offered.

Just click on the underlined highlighted words on any of the pages to obtain more information about a given item. Information buttons on the left-hand sidebar will also lead you to  a product's  description, technical information and/or photo.

Microphones and Pickups are our specialty.

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Acoustic Connections is a sole proprietorship business established in 1998 in Carbondale, Jackson County, State of Illinois.  We are a small family business and have been in continuous operation since that time selling items for amplification of acoustic stringed instruments as well as various accessories for musicians. We try to work closely with our customers to provide the best service and information possible.  Our selections are small compared to other national stores but our merchandise is of the highest quality at the lowest prices backed by the best guarantees of the manufacturers as well as ourselves.
We are glad to offer free advice and answer any questions regarding customer's needs. If we don't have the item suitable to your needs we will not hesitate to suggests other brands or dealers that might satisfy them. Please do not hesitate to contact us by phone or email.
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